Toddler program

The Toddler program is held in groups of 15 children aged between 1.6 years and 3 years. The program consists of 2hrs sessions, held five times a week.
Toddler Program is designed to give children a warm, nurturing ‘Home away from Home,’ where they are supported in:
¥ Taking their first steps towards independence
¥ Developing their command over speech and communication
¥ Firming up fine and gross motor skills
¥ Learning to play and work in an attractive, cooperative community setting

Beginning to walk, talk and build relationships with others is a complete new experience for the toddlers. Our environment and Montessori equipment’s help and support children to discover and satisfy their curiosity, build motor skills and improve eye/hand co-ordination, keeping in mind the safety aspect of the children. Toddler curriculum is aimed at making children more independent by incorporating practical life skills.Trained and qualified professionals conduct the activities everyday and progressively prepare the toddlers for future schools.

Daily Schedule

Time in a Toddler classroom follows the natural rhythms of home. 

The Work Cycle

• During the work cycle, children may explore the Montessori materials in the classroom, receive individual or group lessons from the directress, or participate in small group activities like singing, dancing, story-telling, gardening and food preparation
• Oral language development is given emphasis throughout the day. The directress and her assistant encourage conversation; offer each child new vocabulary, share stories, songs and poems and model good syntax
• Working with specially designed Montessori materials the child enhances his/her gross motor skills, fine motor skills and co-ordination
• Other activities such as dancing, gardening, washing, sweeping etc. provides ample opportunity for further refinement of movement
• Independence is consciously nurtured in numerous ways; children work with growing independence as they learn to master classroom materials; learn to wear their own shoes and take care of their classroom etc
• The children are also supported in toilet training and feel great pride as they learn how to take care of themselves

Snack and Lunchtime:

Children help prepare the food, set and clear the table– The Montessori classroom recognizes the importance of these activities. These daily activities help children in refining their motor skills acquire new vocabulary and absorb social norms. It gives immense satisfaction to the child when they see themselves contributing to the life of the classroom. 

Highlights of Toddler Classroom

• Low Shelving
• Child Size Furniture
• Variety of Natural material tools- wooden, brass, steel
• Children friendly washrooms