About Admission

At Chalk, our admission procedure is designed to familiarize prospective parents and children to our school and for us to meet and interact with them. We work together with parents as partners and provide them with what is best for the child and the family. School requires a meeting with you and your child before acceptance of the application form. There are no exams or tests required. Once initial contact has been made, the first step is to arrange for a personal tour of the school. The tour will allow you to find out more about the school and will also give us the opportunity to interact with you. During the tour, take time to honestly discuss and ask any unanswered questions that may be there in your mind.

School Rules

• All children are personally greeted and dismissed by staff each day. No child is allowed to leave the classroom without an authorised adult

• If children are to be collected by someone other than the parents and registered adults, parents must inform the staff member greeting the children

• Children should not be left unattended before or after school

• Once children have been released into their parent’s care, staff is not responsible for their welfare

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