Frequently Ask Question

Do you allow outside food?
Parents can bring water bottles for toddlers. Outside food and beverages are not allowed in our premises.
Are socks required?
Yes, socks are required for both parents and children. We also have socks available for purchase.
Do you allow strollers, pull carts, buggies or similar items into the Chalk?
No, we do not allow any type of strollers or rolling devices into the center. Infant or Baby carriers are allowed.
Do adults have to pay?
One adult is free with a child paid admission.
Do you allow parties during open play?
We DO NOT allow parties during open play. No cakes, ice cream or cupcakes allowed during open play or any items that symbolize a party e.g. party plates, decor etc. We host parties after for additional fee.
How long are we allowed to stay during open play?
You may stay as long as you want. Open play is all day Monday - Sunday. Please view our hours of operation HERE .
Are adults allowed to enter the facility WITHOUT a child?
We do not allow adults into our center without children, unless they already have family in the center. You must have one child with you between 6 months to 7 years to be granted admission to the center.
Do I share my party with other Patrons?
All parties, venues or events are private to your visitors only incase if you book the entire venue. The price you pay is for exclusive use of the playarea to your group.
Do you allow in/out entry?
Sorry, we do not allow in and out entry. We understand sometimes things happen or you may leave items in your car. Notify management and we would allow a temporary leave for up to 10 minutes and re-enter.
What type of payments do you accept?
Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Debit Cards are accepted.
Are children over 7 years old allowed?
Unfortunately, our playarea was created with toddlers in mind. Therefore we do not allow children over 7 years to play in the center. This is for the safety of all toddlers.
Do you require a deposit to hold my party date?
Yes, we require a deposit to reserve your party date and time. The balance is due the day of event. Once your party has begun, our staff will wristband children and give you the total balance due.
Could I drop my child off?
No, unfortunately we do not offer drop-in service. We are not a day-care. Our center is a parent or guardian supervised environment. You are required to remain on site and watch your child (ren).
Do you offer internet to the Patrons?
Yes, we have WIFI available for the parents. Ask for the passcode from a staff member when you check in.
Do you offer group discounts?
Yes, we offer discounts to groups of 10 or more. At least 8 members of your group must check in together for discount to apply. The remainder of the group could arrive within 1 hour of your arrival and the discount would still apply to the additional people in your group.
Party Cancellations: I want to cancel my party, would I get a refund?
We offer NO refund on deposits if you cancel your party.
Could I book additional hours for my party?
Yes, we offer additional time billed Rs. 150 per person. Must be reserved at the time you book your party.
I'm having a party; Do I have to fill out a waiver for my event?
Yes, we require all parents with children to fill out a waiver. You could print the waiver from home to save time and prevent delays at check in by having all members of your group to bring it with them to the event already filled out and completed .Download the waiver HERE.